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Allosaurus fragilis UUVP 6000 by dracontes Allosaurus fragilis UUVP 6000 by dracontes
As I don't want to get bored with the repetitive yet challenging processing of photos, I'm comitting the first of my two daily hours of art to projects that strike my fancy.

In this case this drawing was the first object that wasn't a folder when I set my art folder order to "Modified in". As I knew I had a more recent version I picked that one up and had some fun playing with adjustments and layer blending to eliminate the waviness of the paper. Also just to increase my hours wielding a graphics tablet stylus I traced the crap out of it.

However the more I worked on it the more it didn't jell with the concept I have now of Allosaurus or even my concept of a theropod. So I picked up my references, namely Paul's "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World" and "Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons", *shartman's pertinent skeletal and muscle diagrams, a photo of a pertinent skull I can't place right now and my previous theropodan work and toiled away correcting the drawing.

The reason why I put the specimen handle is due to the fact that skulls in Allosaurus fragilis do vary quite a bit in shape so much that Paul had this specimen as the best example of a putative different species in 1988, A. atrox.

Wacom tablet on Photoshop 7.0. Cropped and *.jpg compressed in Paintshop Pro 9.

EDIT 20091204: Correction to eye and orbital margin.
Following a comment on the Dinodata Forum that the eye didn't look quite right, I went reference hunting as I wasn't sure about my reconstructive method for eyes.
Chure (1998)* was a real eye-opener along with some comments on the DML, [link] , [link] , on how you should reconstruct eye size on theropod dinosaur with elongated orbits.

I used a photo and drawing of DINO 11541 and a photo of MOR 693 from that paper and ~Archosaurian's skull drawing of DINO 11541 which he seems to have misplaced.
I traced the orbital part of them and did a freehand average of those traces which I then used to reconstruct eye size. After transforming the resulting sketch into loosely fitting the head of my drawing I used some educated guessing and reference shots of one of my hens head to develop a more avian eye for this rec.
I also noticed the outline of the orbit was a bit off from the original skull so I corrected that too.

*Chure, Daniel. (1998). On the Orbit of Theropod Dinosaurs. Gaia nr 15, pages 233-240

EDIT 20091211: Correction of proportions.
I did what Greg Paul said one should do when reconstructing dead critters. Check if the skull/skeleton fits inside the drawing. If it doesn't correct the drawing until it does.
Redid the eyes while I was at it. I guess the general rule of thumb is that the ligamentum suborbitale goes from the middle of the lacrimal's bend into the preorbital horn, makes a nice parabola across the orbit and attaches to a point at more or less the same height on the postorbital bar.
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